Fiction- My unfortunate experience with a military man.

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“There are kind people in this world and there are WICKED people”

I still remember when I was in primary school, one day I was on my usual early morning trip to my primary school building and I was wondering how I was going to make efficient use of the #30 that I was given as my food money, I was deep in thought that I didn’t notice that there was a car coming behind me, next thing I knew was that the car grazed me and I was on the floor,  the woman driving the car came down and started asking if I was okay, that she was so sorry for hitting me, as a respectful child that I was I told her not to worry that I was okay, to my greatest surprise, she opened her purse and brought out a #200 note and gave it to me as “a token of her apology”, my joy knew no bounds, and thanked her joyfully and happily continued my journey to school. 

That day was my most enjoyable day in school, so after like 4 weeks, I thought about how I was able to realize #200 just because I was grazed by a car, so I started nursing the idea of doing it again, this time intentionally of course. 

So one Wednesday morning I was on my way to school and was knowingly taking a mental note of all the cars approaching from behind, then I finally saw what I wanted, it was a sparkling Toyota camry, so I was monitoring the movement of the car, as it was almost at my position, I stylishly put part of my body in the way of the car, so in accordance with my devious plan, the car hit me, the impact was actually harder than I thought it would be, I was on the floor writhing in pain, when I was caught a glimpse of the driver of the car, I saw the camouflage uniform, and for the first time, I noticed the koboko lying on the dashboard of his car, tears started rolling down my eyes, I saw one muscular soldier coming down from the car, the man just started shouting that was I blind, wasn’t I looking where I was going, I just muttered my sincere apologies to him, the man just dragged me up like this and gave me two resounding slaps, at that point, I saw Jesus in heaven smiling at me and told me “my son, it’s time to come home”, I was still seeing stars when the man dropped me and went to inspect his car for damages and he saw a dent on his car, he grabbed me up again and started shouting that I most pay for denting his car, he asked me how much I was with and I told him that I was with fifty naira, he asked me to give it to him, but I refused to give him since that was my only hope of eating that day, he gave me another vibrating slap like this and I didn’t just see Jesus smiling this time, I saw the angels singing “Nearer my God to thee, nearer to thee”,  when I regained  my senses, I didn’t just give him my food money, I gave my sibling’s money and the money my dad gave me for excursion, and I watched with tears  as that wicked man just drove off with my money.

And that was how I and my siblings went hungry that day and my dad gave me the beating of my life for  “losing” my excursion money and our money for food.