First rounds of COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin in South Africa.

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The South African authorities are en route to begin the first COVID-19 vaccine trials in Africa , the Country has recently transformed a de-commissioned Volkswagen plant into a field hospital for COVID-19 patients.

The newly commissioned hospital has been equipped with about 3,300 beds which has currently summed up the total number of beds in the hospital to about 27,000 for COVID-19 patients across 400 quarantine centres in the country, according to the county’s health authorities.\

South African minister of health, Dr. Zweli Mkhize, confirmed this in a statement saying

“A total of three thousand three hundred beds, coming along with oxygen reticulation. All of this is a very important combination of what our needs are at this point, this has been now established within record time”

The total number of Corona virus cases in South Africa are currently more than 100,000, and more than close to 2,000 casualties, about 35,000 health personnel have contracted the virus since the emergence of the virus in the country, and about 34 of them have been reported to have died from the virus.

The vaccine in question was developed by the Oxford Jenner Institute in Britain, and about 4,000 British Inhabitants have enrolled for the vaccine to be tested on them