How to use single name on Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most popular social platforms online today, and there are lots of users, and sometimes we’ll love our own profile to look unique and different…, one of the ways of doing that is using a single display name (using only first name), maybe you’ve seen various people with single names and you’ve been wondering how they managed to do it, well……. Wonder no more. The trick behind using a single name was covered in the last article Click here, for Some reason Facebook only allows Indonesians to use single display names, so in order to enjoy that privilege, we have to trick Facebook into believing that we are browsing from Indonesia, and we can do that using VPN to change our location or a little trick I wrote about here  , just use an Indonesian IP address and port and you’re good to go…… 

When you’ve successfully changed your browsing location

Follow these steps to complete the process

1.  Visit and log into your account.

2.  Change the Facebook language to Bahasa(Indonesia).

3.  Go to Pengaturan & privasi<Informasi Pribadi<Nama or you use Google translate to display it in English and navigate to the option for changing name.

4.  Input only your first name.

5.  Click submit and enter your password.

You’re good to go