Is Yahoo Yahoo now a norm in the Nigerian society?

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Yahoo Yahoo is the name given by Nigerians to the act of engaging in fraudulent online activities, it has become a trend for lots of Nigerian youths, most of them now see it as a means of making quick money.

The question now is, has it become an accepted way of earning? , has the earlier opposing views about the venture been silenced?

If you are very observant you’ll notice that when the trade of Yahoo Yahoo first started among Nigerian youths, those who engaged in it were looked upon with contempt and disgust, no rational person will publicly make it known that he was a Yahoo boy, most of them who did it then did so in their personal spaces and rarely made it known to people, because of fear of how people will view them and the punishment it will attract, but now it seems most of the negative views about it has mellowed down.

These days it is looking like it’s the other way round, those in the trade are now more liberal about it and more youths are still en route to going into the business 

Here are some reasons why “Yahoo Yahoo” seems to have been normalized

1. The behavior of those in the business: 

There is a very obvious difference between the way Yahoo boys behaved back in the days, and the way they behave now, compared to the incognito mode they operated on those days, Yahoo boys seem to be more open about their source of income, most of them are known as Yahoo boys in their area and they don’t seem to mind as far as the Law Enforcement agencies aren’t involved, their dressing, their fashion and even their online personality intrinsically portrays them as Yahoo boys.

2. The eagerness of youths to get into the business: 

Another notable reason is the behavior of youths into going into the Yahoo business, instead of newbies to be afraid or indecisive about venturing into the activity, there is more of enthusiasm and eagerness to go into the Yahoo business, the normal expected fear about engaging in it is no longer present, but in place of fear there is now admiration and enthusiasm.

3. The way it’s portrayed by the media

There is also the media factor, the media is now seen to help in normalizing the Yahoo business, Comedy videos, movies, etc. are now portraying it as being a normal means of earning income, the comedy sector now makes jokes out of it, making the public feel relaxed about the venture, the normal opposing mentality about it is gradually fading and the society is starting to seem to be cool with it.

Looking at the reasons above,

What will you say is the society’s stand with Yahoo Yahoo

Are they against it or are they in support of it?

Drop your comments below……