Relief washes over New Zealand as they record zero COVID-19 cases

7 months ago 118

It is no longer news that the world has been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic for about five months now,  the disease is more intense in some countries than some, and most countries have been forced to go into a period of lockdown to limit the spread of the virus, there is beginning to be small rays of hope of the pandemic coming to an end as New Zealand have finally recorded zero cases of  COVID-19.

New Zealand reported their first COVID-19 case on 28 February 2020,and went into lockdown on 25 March 2020 in which most business ventures were closed , all citadels of learning shut down and people told to stay indoors, New Zealand recorded a total  of 1504 observed cases of which 1482 people recovered and sadly 22 people lost their lives to the cold hands of death at a result of the virus, as of today, 8 June 2020, after about 17 days of observation, New Zealand have no active case of COVID-19, as a result of this the Government of the country have decided to lift some of the lockdown measures, there is no more ban on public gatherings, social distancing is no more obligatory, but the borders will remain closed to prevent outsiders from bringing the virus back into the country

 Under this favorable conditions the country is set to get back on track, schools and organizations are to be re-opened, social and religious gatherings are good to go and public transportations are up and running. But even with the obvious progress, the Prime minister of the country still urges her citizens to remain vigilant as there are still possiblities of more cases coming up, they are advised to still try to maintain social distancing as a measure of precaution, she also stated that even if more cases are to arise in future, they are better suited now to combat it .

We are hoping that other affected countries can be as lucky as New Zealand, so the we can finally overcome this dreadful pandemic