The corona virus pandemic is giving more animals courage to come out of hiding

7 months ago 139

As the world has been confronted with a global pandemic and most people have been forced to stay indoors to avoid contracting the virus, it seems that has given some wildlife the courage to move about more freely, there have been sightings of coyotes moving around in San Fransisco, chirps of birds seem very much louder than before, snakes are slithering out of their hiding places, and rats are becoming more daring, some may start to think that there are starting to be more animals than before but that is not the case, with the limited movements of people now, animals are more liberal to move about.

Here are some reasons why animals may be seen more often this period

1.  Human handouts are scarce

Most rodents depend on the leftovers and trash to feed, since there are no much activities in the human world, most restaurants are closed, so most of the rodents are forced out to the streets because of hunger.

2. Scary humans aren’t around as much

Most animals tend to stay out of the real world because of fear of humans, humans are the top predators “we are predators on almost all animals because of fear”, so with the absence of human movement some animals are feeling more comfortable to come out of hiding.

3. It’s nice and quiet

The main reason we don’t notice the activities of some animals is because of the high level of noise as a result of industrial activities, with the absence of noise pollution, we tend to observe animals more, especially birds because the silence enables us to hear their serene songs.

4. Spring has begun

We’re at the time of the year where most animals are in their mating period, so most animals are coming out more to look mates and some like birds are becoming more musical

5. We’re paying more attention

The most like reason we’re going to notice more wildlife is because the stay in door routine is making most of us to begin to pay attention to our environment and we’re taking note of creatures that have always been around us that we haven’t had time to notice.