Why your relationship may not work out

7 months ago 216

Lots of people have gone into relationships hastily without considering the pros and cons first, and many a times, they end up losing their partner, getting hurt or being stuck in a relationship they are not comfortable with

Here some things you should consider before getting into a relationship and when in a relationship:

Try to know the person first: Many people just dwell on physical appearances when looking for a partner, but it’s not just about appearances, before getting intimate with someone, you should try to study their behavior, their attitude and their character, so you will know if it’s someone you can cope with or not.
Be sure of your feelings first: There is a common mistake made by many young people, and that is mistaken feelings, most people rush into relationships because of feelings of lust and infatuations, and when a relationship is based on any feeling other than love, there is a very high possibility of it crashing, so try to be sure of your feelings before going into a relationship.
Don’t be materialistic: Many people have suffered various consequences of being very demanding and materialistic in relationships, when your main concern in a relationship is what you can benefit materially from partner, you are being a very toxic partner, and any rational human being will be very keen to get rid of you, when you’re getting into a relationship scratch materialism out of your list of reasons.
Don’t be over possessive: A lot of people have this over possessive nature over their partners, and they act in that manner, they want their partner’s life to revolve around their relationship, that behavior is detrimental to your relationship, you should give your partner some degree of personal space, so they can have something to miss when coming back to you.
Don’t listen to negative advice: when you’re in a relationship, it’s not always advisable to adhere to advice from people, especially when it’s based on their own relationship, because everyone has their own level of tolerance, and two different relationship can’t thrive the same way, so be picky about the advice you adhere to.

The summary of the whole thing is not to go into a relationship for the wrong reasons and when in a relationship try as much as possible to remove all negative and toxic behaviors, if that is well observed, I’m positive that you should have an enjoyable relationship.