Your online personality and you.

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We are currently in an era that is dominated by technology, an age that is known for the high presence of technology, the world is now a “global village” in the sense that no matter the distance between two people, they can still communicate with themselves with the help of the internet. As humans are very well known to be able to efficiently adapt to their environment, it is no surprise that we have adapted to this new wave of technological revolution, a 5 year old child today already knows how to operate a mobile phone, and a 10 year old child is already talking about opening social media accounts.

The most obvious change brought about by this technological age is that people now have a chance to make themselves known by a larger number of people, with the help of social platforms, it has given introverted people a chance to be more outspoken, and shy people an opportunity to air out their thoughts, but then it has also made people to start portraying themselves as what they are not, lots of people are living fake lives and having an online personality that is nothing close to their character in person.

Here are some tips to make your online personality to tally with your offline personality

1. Don’t portray yourself as being falsely “high class”:

Most people make the mistake of making themselves look very elegant online when they are far from that, some even go as far as borrowing clothes and clothing accessories to take pictures and uploading on their social media platforms, this is an unadvisable thing to do because doing so will make personal meet-ups disappointing, people that see you in person will be shocked at the disappointing difference between the person you portray yourself to be online and your actual personality.

2.  Don’t be unnecessarily sexy online:

This tip is more applicable to females, it has become common among girls to flaunt their bodies on social media for likes and attraction, not knowing that they are sexually provoking the males on their friend list, and most times when guys come to their message inbox and start asking for nudes or sex talk, they’ll start complaining and asking why the males would do such, they are doing such because your pictures encourages them to do such, they are doing such because your write-ups encourages such. So if you know you don’t want to be viewed as a sex object, don’t portray yourself as one.

3. Avoid the use of too much picture filter:

Now, I’m not condemning the use of photo filters, but when all your pictures are edited or enhanced by photo filters, that’s where the problem is, because the purpose of those filters is to make you look more physically attractive and when all your pictures are filtered, it makes people to assume that that’s how you actually look and when they have the chance to meet you in person, it might not end well. You need to learn to appreciate your looks, don’t always depend on photo filters to look good.

4. Don’t copy posts and claim them as yours:

This is another way people live fake online lives, some people are fond of copying the posts of others and making it look like they composed it themselves, this makes people think that you’re capable of things that you aren’t capable of, and when push comes to shove and you are in a position to prove that you’re really the composer of the post, you’ll end up being embarrassed, some people are fond of copying jokes and posting online and portray themselves as being funny, but in reality they are boring as a drill.

The main theme of this article is that when portraying your online personality, be yourself, don’t try to pretend to be someone else. You are unique in your own way, there’s no need for you to try to create a façade of superiority.