Loan shark declares defaulters dead, distributes obituaries to relatives, friends

A micro loan company has been accused of declaring defaulters dead, designing and circulating the obituaries of such persons to family and friends.

A customer, Azuwuike Chinedu Achiever recently shared his experience with the loan company on social media.

He said he had defaulted in his repayment plan for five days and the next thing he saw was his obituary.

On a public group on Facebook, another customer of a loan app, Victoria Eyo Ekpo revealed she was also a victim and vowed not to repay the loan.

She said, “This is what Deloan (app) sent to me oooo. I will never pay. They called my mum and insulted her. May God help us.” (sic).

Ekpo added that she borrowed the sum of N15,000.

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