MicroStrategy continue to hold its bitcoin assets

MicroStrategy has been steadily increasing its bitcoin holdings in recent months, and it is now the world’s largest public firm in terms of bitcoin ownership. Despite the recent downturn, the corporation is profitable and now holds over 124K BTC on its balance sheet, worth at over $5 billion. However, with such a large holding, one would wonder what the company intends to do with the digital asset in the future.


Bitcoin Is Unstoppable

MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor spoke with CNBC about the company’s future, which has acquired prominence due to its numerous bitcoin transactions. Saylor, a BTC maximalist and proponent of the digital asset, spoke about the company’s future plans.

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  1. There is no doubt that microstrategy is a whale that can not be wavered in the crypto space. Its influence on the cryptocurrency community is so enormouse that his Bitcoin assets makes a big impact on its price.

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