Indonesian student makes $1 million selling his selfies as NFTs

A 22-year-old student named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, has been able to tap into the NFT frenzy, becoming a millionaire. He was able to do so by listing selfies of himself as an NFT on the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea and sold them for profit.

Al Ghozali is an Indonesian college student, studying Computer Science, and based in Semarang, the capital and largest city of Central Java province in Indonesia. He has been able to convert and sell nearly 1,000 selfie images as NFTs.

According to him, he took photos of himself for five years, between the ages of 18 and 22, as a way to look back on his graduation journey. He then later converted these selfies into NFTs and uploaded them to OpenSea in December 2021.

Ghozali selfies were taken sitting or standing in front of his computer, which was later converted into NFTs and uploaded to OpenSea. The artist set the price for each NFT selfie at $3 without expecting interest from serious buyers.

While monetizing his expressionless images, Ghozali stated, “You can do anything like flipping or whatever but please don’t abuse my photos or my parents will be very disappointed in me. I believe in you guys so please take care of my photos.”

As of today, there are 933 NFTs selfies uploaded by Ghozali, with 489 owners. The collection has traded a volume of 333 ETH, which at today’s price of $3,325 per token, it brings the total volume to $1,107,225. From listing at a minimum price of 0.001ETH or $3, his collection now has a floor price of 0.18 ETH ($598.50).

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