15 Signs You Probably Will Not Be Rich. – Business

1. You don’t have basic math

It’s crucial to know things such as:

– Addition

– Substraction

– Multiplication

– Division

– Fractions

– Percentages

Being able to analyze data and draw conclusions from it is just as important.


2. You prioritize saving over earning

Poor people focus on saving. Wealthy people focus on earning more. You can’t save your way to wealth. Wealth creation happens when your earned income is invested. The more you invest, the more your money works for you.


3. You live above your means

There is no way to create wealth if you are spending above your income. Most people borrow money and focus on appearance rather than their financial security. The rat race will suck you in, making it hard to get out and keep you broke.


4. You take advice from unsuccessful People

The quality of your circle determines your future. Being around unsuccessful people will impede your own growth. Find mentors that you can learn from, get advice, and who will help you improve your life.


5. You lack discipline

Becoming rich takes time, focus, and discipline. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can begin taking the small steps that will take you where you need to go. Discipline is to get things done no matter what you feel.


6. You don’t have investments

There is no other way to become rich without investments. They are:

– Real estate

– Stocks

– Mutual funds

– Business

Investments are split into two:

– Active: money earned from our direct effort

– Passive: money earned on an investment


7. You don’t have financial goals

Failing to plan is planning for failure.

A financial plan is a road map to help you reach your destination. Many do not know that they do not earn more because of a lack of a plan.


8. You attribute everything to luck

Luck is certainly a factor of success, but it’s not the main one. Hard work has to be done to increase your chance of success. You can create opportunities by becoming disciplined. Change your mindset and start taking action.


9. Making excuses

It’s never your fault. The system is against you. The common denominator is yourself. Stop making excuses for your lack of effort toward getting better. Life won’t get better or change until you become the best version of yourself.


10. Not learning

Learning is a never-ending process.

Not learning means that you stop growing. Reaching the top requires you to be an eternal learner. Whether it is a book or even an audio message, learning will set you apart from the average person.


11. Not trying new things

Change is scary and painful but necessary for progress. Get uncomfortable, try new things to learn more about yourself and who you really want to be. To become a better you, take calculated risks and overcome your limitations


12. Scared of failure

Failure is a prerequisite to becoming successful. It is just a redirection to set you straight to your next success. Face your fears, chase your dreams, and accomplish great things in your life.


13. You work only 40-hour per week or less

Successful or entrepreneurs work more than 40 hours/week. There are 24 hours in a day, some use to better their life while others waste with entertainment. To reach the top, you need to put in the work and sacrifice a lot of things.


14. Being paid by the hour

The average person gets paid by the hour and has to add hours worked or even jobs to make more. Rich people solve problems involving a lot of money. They get paid based on their solutions, creativity, or vision. Solve problems to be rich. If you’re not solving problems for people forget about being rich.


15. Waiting for a miracle

You play the lotto, gamble, and hope that your life will change all of a sudden.

Until you come to the realization that you are the savior of your life, nothing will change.

Take action and make a difference in your life.


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