Zimbabwean government will collect taxes from companies offering crytpo

The Zimbabwean government recently announced that it had reached an agreement with Daedalus World Limited, a British Virgin Islands-based company, under which the latter will collect taxes from companies that provide “betting, gaming, and cryptocurrency services to persons and organizations within the Republic of Zimbabwe.”


According to News24, the inclusion of bitcoin assets in the tax list is the latest indication from the Zimbabwean government that the country is gradually adjusting its stance on cryptocurrencies. According to Bitcoin.com News, Zimbabwe’s monetary leaders have previously declared that the country does not intend to adopt cryptocurrencies.

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2 thoughts on “Zimbabwean government will collect taxes from companies offering crytpo

  1. It is very important for companies making money in cryptocurrency related activities to pay taxes to the government. That is the major reasons by most of the cryptocurrency exchanges face Regulatory pressures from the government.

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