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There are so many websites and people out there who will promise to teach you how you can make money online but in the end you will realize they are just looking for ways to siphon your hard earned money.  At some point you might even think that there is no legit way to make money on  the internet but I am assuring you that there are legit ways of making  money online without paying a dime to anyone. I am happy to tell you that I will teach you one of such ways today.

The method of making money online that I want to teach you today is usually referred to as PTP which means Paid To Post, yes you will be paid to post articles and comments but not just that, you will also be paid when you share links on your social media handle.


There is a particular website that will pay you for posting comments and writing articles and also for sharing links, here is how it works in few simple steps:

  1. You visit the website and REGISTER FOR FREE.
  2. Go to the homepage of the website and click on any news or article you like, read thoroughly and then post a comment under the article or news.
  3. To write your own article, simply click on the menu bar on the website and select WRITE AN ARTICLE option.
  4. If you really want to make money while asleep, this website will assist you, all you have to do is visit the website, login and then click the menu bar where you then select COPY AND SHARE LINKS, you will be taken to another page where you will be provided with a number of links, copy the links and then go and paste them on your social media handles like Facebook wall, WhatsApp status, Twitter Handle etc. You will earn from each valid click and visit you get on those links you shared and the number of times you can earn is unlimited.

Note that you will immediately see the notification that you have received a certain amount of money for the comment or article you posted.

Another interesting thing about this website is that payment is done weekly and referral is an option.

To withdraw your funds, you must have reached the minimum threshold of 5,000 points which is equivalent to $5. Payment processing usually take less than 48 hours.


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