MONEY Ritual On Youtube And Social Media Influence On Youth

This write-up is based on how youths nowadays are being influenced by adverts and posts they see on social media platforms about money rituals, your opinion about this matter would be appreciated.

I saw a couple of videos of the teenagers who murdered a 20 years old for money rituals

one of these videos stated that the boys had researched and found videos on Facebook on how to use human head for money rituals

so I went to Facebook and also YouTube and these are the screenshots of the called ‘OSOLE’ in Yoruba as can be seen in the pictures below

From what i gather, OSOLE, is a kind of money rituals that is said to give cool and fast money and it is all there for the public to see on the platform

I have not watched all the videos, but i am appalled that such contents are freely aired and shared

The Nigerian agency responsible for this should crack down such content on all social media platforms

while at it, they should also crack down on pastors doing miracles(because the narrative and defence of the BABALAWOS would now be that if pastors can showcase their miracles, so can BABALAWOS)

We appreciate freedom of speech, and our basic and collective human rights, but we also should know where to draw the line

This is only the beginning and the earlier steps are taken to curb this growing menace, this dastardly acts, the better for us as a nation, and a people

Please who are responsible for the content and violations on social media?
This is the time to act

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