Man Shocked and Disappointed After Using His Girlfriend to Test His Best Friend (Video)

In a video sighted online, a young man tried to participate in a social experiment which involved testing his best friend’s loyalty with the help of his girlfriend.

This is the idea to put his bestfriend to the test to see if he would be open cheating with his friend’s girlfriend behind his back but unfortunately it back fires.
The young man thought that his pal would pass the test and make him proud, but he ended up being disappointed.

It was agreed that his girlfriend would put a call to his bestfriend and inform him of her secret feelings for him.

When she called him and introduced herself, they got to talking and she opened up about liking him, interestingly, he said that he felt the same way.

He initially expressed reservations about the idea of cheating with his guy’s girlfriend but she assured him that they can handle it like adults.

Towards the end of the clip, the bestfriend told the lady that he was already thinking of k!ssing her and this angered the boyfriend who walked away.

See video below

5 thoughts on “Man Shocked and Disappointed After Using His Girlfriend to Test His Best Friend (Video)

  1. Some friends are just useless, how can you just accept such from your friend’s girlfriend and you’ll feel happy about it, my advice is that he should leave that his friend and cut all ties with him before he endanger his life.

  2. I actually saw the video,it was like a street prank
    Some friends are your worth trusting
    The girlfriend was asked to call her boyfriend’s best friend to tell him about her feeling but the guy fell for it and disappointed his best friend

    Apart from it being a mere street prank, I’d advice people never to use their friends to test their partner, they might loose them

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