Couple Seen Doing It On Crowded Public Bus

A couple was recently filmed humping away on a crowded bus and they both seem to be having a great time.

Some passengers taped the duo who grinded on a bus seat in the middle of the day.

The two didn’t seem to care who witnessed this as they continued as riders filmed them. At one moment, the woman riding her man chugs a bottle of beer before pulling her shirt down and exposing her breasts for the entire bus.

During the viral footage, the couple can’t keep their hands off each other. After the spontaneous woman pulls down her shirt, she continues rubbing against her boyfriend and the bus starts to move.

At this point, it’s safe to say the passengers either turned their heads to give them some privacy or whipped out their phones to document the shocking public display of affection.

The woman made it obvious she didn’t care who was watching or filming their intimate bus sex as she looked directly at a camera filming her and continued.

Judging from the bottle of beer she’s chugging in the beginning of the clip, the couple was buzzed or they were on their way to their bedroom and couldn’t wait any longer.

Watch the censored video below

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