Guys: See All You Need To Know About Sugar Mummies

It has been revealed that the ‘sugar mummy business’ is a booming one in world but is being overridden by fraudulent persons.

Every day you see a note asking you to call a particular number or visit a website should you need a “sugar mummy”.

The following are some of reasons for this new booming business:

Covert affair

It is not often possible to reach a sugar mummy directly, as many of them are represented by “agents.” It is the responsibility of these agents to “screen” prospective “sugar boys” and present them to the women.

According to findings , the boys are expected to be handsome, reliable, trustworthy, and “durable” in bed. The more influential women prefer university students or recent graduates who are unemployed.

The sugar boy’s fee is negotiable. Where the sugar mummy takes extra interest in him, she usually “buys” him off, by paying a large sum of money to the agent. For one-offs, however, payment is made per night, and it ranges from $3 to $15, depending on the status of the sugar mummy and the “quality” of the sugar boy.

Organised fraud

Our investigation, however, shows that this “venture” has been infiltrated by a large network of fake agents who, on a daily basis, con unsuspecting “sugar boys” out of thousands of money.

Most of these agents are active on the internet, where several websites are dedicated entirely for this purpose. Indeed, information gleaned from a number of general dating websites showed that requests for sugar mummies and sugar boys are dominant.

To understand better how this business operates, a prospective customer, contacted one of the agents and requested help to meet a sugar mummy.

Caring mothers

There is, it would seem, a variant of this practice which, observers say, is beginning to gain ground in world. These mummies (called “caring mother”) revolves around a woman whose husband has abandoned “because she is richer and arrogant.

In a way, their husbands have set them free. It may be because she is proud, or because she is running after other men, or so many other reasons. So what the woman does is to find a young man who will move in with her. The man plays the role of father to the woman’s children, while the woman takes care of him financially.

New world order?

Observers might say that there is something disconcerting about this turn of events. Has the growing influence of women in politics, business and other fields wrought a situation where men have become more willing to sacrifice their traditional position as the “dominant s*x”?

However, some people, attributed this shift to the economic situation in developing countries.

“We all know that the boy has no need for enjoyment of sex with those older women; his girlfriend will give him that. What is important is money. So, unemployment is one of the factors that lead these young guys into it. Young guys actually wake up in the morning and go to their place of work which is a sugar mummy’s apartment.

“What is the shame when you can’t feed your belly and an older woman offers you sexual pleasure and money? People don’t write it on their foreheads. Many of the big boys in town are sex slaves of sugar mummies,” said in man in interview.

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