An internet user has revealed the animal he killed in his neighbourhood by uploading the picture on a popular online forum.

In a past he uploaded, he explained that the animal came to kill his chicks unaware that he was awake andd this went on out to kill the animal.
He said:

“This animal came to feed on my chicks last night, luckily i was still awake i wrestled with it before i finally killed it.”

“At first i thought it was a dangerous animal because of the eyes reflections on torchlight.”

“This is the first time am seeing this animal, i thought it was a bush cat till i did google imagine search.”

“The search labeled it as Rusty-spotted genet.”

“Who else has come across this animal??”

After seeing the picture, some internet users who posted comments on the post said congratulate the man adding that the animal looks like a dangerous one. One of them described the animal as hyena, he said:

“It looks like a spotted hyena but not an hyena. Probably in the same class”

So have you seen this type of animal before? Kindly share your thought using the comment section.

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