Discussion: Yahoo boys and Money Ritualist, Who to Blame?

The rate at which people go after money these days is alarming especially young people. Virtually all young fellows want to cruise in big cars, the type of cars even their parents cannot afford. These has led to many of them resorting to fraudulent activities or even money rituals.

The sad part of this matter is that on many occasions, even the innocent becomes victims of their (ritualist and fraudsters) barbaric acts. After patiently observing these situation, it has become glaring that these people are often encouraged by the community or the system as a whole.

How this system and our community encourages fraudulent acts

Gone are those days when people will praise you because you are hard-working, in those days, people will respect you, trust you and even make you a role model just because you are hardworking and upright. However, things have changed a lot and these days you will see people look down on you even though you are hard-working. No one cares about how hard you are struggling to survive, all they care about is the result, they wont even mind how you get the money.

When a young boy of around 13 years to 15 years old buys a very expensive car of maybe 5 to 10 million, they start respecting such a boy, everyone will want to associate themselves with such a boy, and what happens next – oppression, he start oppressing other youths in the environment and they in turn will want to buy an expensive car and live in luxury. Before you know it, everyone will just join the race- the race of buying expensive material things and showing them off to the world.

This is exactly what is happening in our society today, parents are shifting their responsibilities on their children, expecting them to start taking up responsibilities at a very tender age not minding the bad situation of the country, imagine a father/mother telling his/her child of less than 25 years to start taking responsibility for the well-being of the siblings and even the parents.

Some even goes to the extent of comparing their children with other children in the neighborhood, knowing fully well that those people are either into money ritual or other fraudulent acts. Eventually the child will start giving in to oppression and pressure to engage in barbaric acts.

Young ladies are also not left behind, most of them want to cruise in big cars with their guys, so as a result of this, they leave guys who truly loves them and run to guys with money, eventually those guys will use them for money ritual, and people will start pitying them not knowing they cause their own predicaments.

These facts will not be complete if we fail to consider our system as a whole, our country, our politicians who are so greedy and selfish to the extent that they won’t even think it twice before they embezzle funds meant for a whole city, state or even country thereby rendering many youths jobless and penniless, putting them in abject poverty and worse off, they will still try everything possible to manipulate and control them in their poverty.

One truth however is that the Bible has foretold all these events when it clearly states in 2Timothy 3:1-5 and Matthew 24:3 that these things will be the signs that we are living in the last days. Each and everyone of us can however show in our actions, our speech and the way we think that we are not advocating or encouraging evil acts and behaviors.

What is your take on this issue, kindly share your thought using the comment section.

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