Lady called out for uploading a video of herself dancing unclad

It is no more a new thing for people especially youths to upload videos showing them wearing clothes that somehow expose their private parts, however sometimes some of these youth can go too extreme by uploading videos where they are entirely unclad.

Reports have shown that most of these videos were mistakenly uploaded, but there are various other videos that were intentionally uploaded either by the owner itself or other people. One such video was uploaded online and has gone viral already.

In the video, a young dark lady can be seen dancing In front of a camera. Initially, the girl was putting on just her underwear (her pant and her bra), however she later got rid of the underwear and continue dancing unclad.

In my opinion, young ladies need to be careful with the type of video they keep on their phones, and also the type of people they send their confidential videos to.
To see the video, click below

3 thoughts on “Lady called out for uploading a video of herself dancing unclad

  1. This is bad to be honest, she shouldn’t have done this at first.
    Being naked in front of the camera doesn’t make you look more beautiful so why doing it at all.
    May God be with her anyways

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