Nigerians Dressed Like Arabs Arrested In Dubai For Impersonation

It has been reported that some Nigerians have been arrested in Dubai for impersonation.

As seen in pictures released online, the Suspects can be seen with face masks on leaving just their eyes opened.

A first look at them will almost convince you they are Arabs couple with their dressing mode.

Luck wen against them eventually as they were caught and arrested on allegation of impersonation – pretending to be Arabs by dressing as such.

The news sparkled reactions among internet users as most internet users abuses the suspects claiming they are part of the bad eggs spoiling Nigeria name abroad.

See pictures below:

1 thought on “Nigerians Dressed Like Arabs Arrested In Dubai For Impersonation

  1. Crime everywhere and when they trace the origin it leads to Nigeria, why are some of these youths disgracing this country both home and abroad, though the country is not favourable at present but that doesn’t mean we should put the country name in mud too

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