Religion they say, is the opium of the masses. A lot of people would do anything to defend their religion.

The three major religions we have in Nigeria are; Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion (ATR), these religions are kind of interwoven (whether we like it or not).

Despite the fact that we all claim to love our neighbors as ourselves, we still find some loopholes when it comes to religious difference.

A lot of people do not joke with their religion, but putting the extent to which poverty has dealt with many of us, some people would not think twice before taking a juicy offer with their religion as the deal-breaker!

As for me, not only does my faith enrich my life, but I’ve also come to realize that my religion is actually my way of life! It is something that has become a part of me irrespective of where I find myself. My faith gives me a way to reach for everything, including money.

However, let’s hear from you! You have to be sincere oh!