Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Ukrainians trek to safety in Hungary

Two Ukrainians fleeing the Russian invasion stood in the cold with their bags at the Hungarian border on Thursday, waiting for relatives living in Hungary to arrive and take them to safety.

Csaba Bodnar, 27, and his younger brother Tamas, both from the large ethnic Hungarian minority in western Ukraine, woke to the news of the invasion and set off immediately, fearing conscription into Ukraine’s military. “No one wants to get conscripted, no one wants to die,” said Tamas. “It’s clear that those who can, they flee.”
The pair were among small groups of people leaving Ukraine at the Beregsurany crossing into Hungary, some coming from as far as the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, more than 800 km (497 miles) to the east, after Russia invaded.
The brothers had planned to start work in Hungary from next week in the town of Komarom near the Slovakian border, but the attack accelerated their plans. Tamas had worked as a driver with his brother in the Ukrainian town of Berehove/Beregszasz.

People wait at the Hungarian-Ukrainian border in Beregsurany, Hungary, on Thursday. (Image: Reuters)
Some people could be seen entering Hungary by car, but many came on foot, dragging suitcases over the frontier by hand. The new arrivals in Hungary gathered at a small kiosk just a few hundred meters from the border, discussing plans and warming their hands in the cold.

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