Russia Ukraine: Macron vows ”no weakness” in reply to Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron says France and its European allies did everything to try to head off the attack on Ukraine. He said that they will show no weakness in their response.

Macron said in a televised address to the nation Thursday that Russia’s attack is a turning point in European history and as a result there will be profound consequences for our continent and changes in our lives. He said that to this act of war, we will reply without weakness, we will reply calmly and in a determined and united manner.

We have tried everything to avoid this war but it is here and we are ready, Macron said. He said that sanctions will be proportionate to Russia’s military operations, targeting its economy and its energy sector. We will show no weakness, Macron said.

We will take all measures necessary to defend the sovereignty and stability of our European allies. Bratislava: The Slovak government has authorised the deployment of up to 1,500 soldiers to help guard the border with Ukraine following Russia’s attack on Slovakia’s eastern neighbour.

The defense ministry said Thursday they will be used if there is a massive wave of refugees.

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