Sponsored: stellsales.com an online digital marketplace for all.

Stellsales.com is an online digital marketplace with the goal of helping digital product creators to gain more sales and also connect with more customers through it’s platform and network of high performing affiliates.

At stellsales.com, we help our vendors (product creators) achieve their goals by allowing interested people who want to work with us as affiliates to market these digital products, introduce them to interested customers who eventually purchase the products.
Our Vendors(Product Creators) will decide how much percentage should go to the affiliates and website too.

Our affiliates are those people who introduce products found on our website to interested customers. Affiliates enjoys certain commission percentage on the profit of each completed sales. Commissions ranges from 30% to 50% on each sale. This means if an affiliate is able to sell a digital product of ₦70,000 with 40% commission, the affiliate will earn ₦28,000 on such a sale. If he manage to sell 10 of such digital product in a week, then he will automatically earn ₦280,000.

Customers are people who are interested in purchasing digital products from our website and such customers will enjoy satisfaction of buying high quality digital products from us as we have diligently screened each product before uploading to our website.

Payment is done on a daily basis so far you have reached the minimum payout of ₦2,000
All parties involved on stellsales.com have the opportunity to earn money from referring new members to our website. The referral bonus on each successfully registered member is ₦800

StellSales.com is still a new website and so still have a very affordable registration fee. However, they claimed thee registration fee will later go up with time.

stellSales.com is absolutely an affiliate website and thus cannot turn out to be a scam. As long as you market and sell their products, you will continue to earn money.

Another good thing is the fact that they allow daily withdrawal, so you do not need to wait long before getting your money.

You can CLICK HERE to register on StellSales.

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  1. Stellsales reduce the stress of marketer and also help affiliate to get more money with just #2000 for registration ,it is very cheap because in affiliate marketing you will pay nothing less than #50,000_100,000 to learn the course but it so cheap for now, just try to grap the chance you have now to register ,let make money together

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