Your Daily Tasks For Today

Welcome to Naijapeeps Daily Tasks page, here you will find the tasks you are expected to complete for today. Try as much as possible to complete the tasks so you will be on our payroll for next payment(Friday).
Please note that we will always update this page(at least once daily), so make sure you always check regularly.

Post a comment each on the latest 15 posts we published on Naijapeeps

Go to our forum at
Create a minimum of 10 Topics on the forum.

Reply to at least 10 treads on the forums.


Copy each of the links below and share them on your social media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.


Join our WhatsApp group to get first hand information on available tasks.

Please make sure you complete all the tasks so you will be able to meet up with the minimum payment requirement of 2,000 NPNotes