How To Earn on Naijapeeps


Thanks for your interest in our platform, the fact that you are here shows that you want to know how you can start earning on our platform. Naijapeeps has been inn existence since 2019 and we are dedicated to satisfying our users and giving back to the society.

There are a number of ways through which you can start earning on our website, lets take you through some of these easy ways of making money online.



To start earning money by posting comments, go to the homepage of Naijapeeps and click on any post, after reading the post, write the comment and that is all. Please note that your comment must be reasonable for it to be approved. If your comments are not reasonable, they will be deleted from the post and you will lose the earning you got from posting them. For each reasonable comment you post, you get 20 points.



To earn by writing articles for us, go to

Please note that your articles must be at least 200 words and must be unique(Not copied from any website). We will manually check if you have copied from a website and if so, your article will be deleted and subtracted from your earnings. For each original content you post, you get 100 points.



This is more like making money while you sleep, all you have to do is head over to and copy any of the available links there. After that, go to your social media platform and paste the copied link. You start earning as soon as people star clicking on your link. They really don’t need to sign up before you earn, just there click is enough to increase your earnings. For each click, you get 5 points.



In addition to the beautiful contents you can find o our website, we have an active community where you can ask any question and get an answer as soon as possible. For each of your post in our community, you get 20 Points. To start using our community, simply go to



Referrals make businesses grow large. We at naijapeeps also recognize the value of legit referrals. For this reason, we always reward any of our member that refer new members. For each successful referral, you get 100 points. To get your referral code, go to your profile and copy your referral code there.


Payment is done every Friday of the week. To get your payment without any delay, please make sure you have completed your profile and you have requested for payment before 2Pm on Friday. Members must however make sure they have reached the minimum payout threshold of 2,000 Points before requesting for payment. If any member request for payment before reaching the threshold, such a member will be fined 500 points which will be immediately deducted from his NAIJAPEEPS account.