Encountering Challenges with a Military Personnel: My Personal Account

During my primary school days, an unexpected incident stands out vividly in my memory. On a typical morning journey to school, lost in thoughts about utilizing my meager #30 food allowance, I found myself unexpectedly grazed by a passing car. To my surprise, the driver, a woman, rushed out, genuinely concerned, and apologized profusely. In a kind gesture, she handed me a #200 note as an apology token. Overwhelmed with gratitude, I continued my day joyfully.

This incident lingered in my mind, leading me to entertain a deceptive idea after a few weeks. I contemplated intentionally recreating a similar situation to gain money. However, this deceitful plan backfired painfully.

One fateful Wednesday morning, I strategically positioned myself in the path of a gleaming Toyota Camry. As the car struck me harder than anticipated, I found myself writhing in pain on the ground. To my dismay, the driver, a soldier in camouflage, showed no empathy. Instead, I faced harsh treatment, enduring resounding slaps and demands for payment for an alleged dent in his car.

In a desperate attempt to appease him, I offered my meager funds, including money intended for my family’s meals and an excursion. Heartbroken, I watched helplessly as the soldier callously drove off with our sustenance. That day, my siblings and I went hungry, and I faced severe repercussions from my father for the loss of our essential funds.

This contrasting tale highlights both the kindness and wickedness encountered in life’s unexpected moments.

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