Why men are attracted to Boobs and Bums

Most women are always astounded by how much men are attracted to their boobs and their backside, it is marveling at times to note how it looks like some men go into a trance when they behold quite huge boobs or bums, it’s like the safety lock of their brains are removed and they start behaving like lunatics, well as a guy that knows and has experienced the feelings of men, I’m going to try to break it down for you all…

Here are some reasons

1. Those are the outstanding features of a female’s physique:

There are a lot of similarities between male physiology and male physiology, but the presence of fuller breasts and more protruding buttocks, is one of the major physical differences between a male and a female, so when a man sees the outline of the boobs or bums of a woman, he’s is reminded of her feminine nature and hence the attraction.

2. Those are the parts of the body explored more during romance:

Another reason why men are attracted to boobs and bums is that during romance the part of the female body men touch the most are the boobs and bums, so whenever they see boobs and bums, the thoughts of those moments come flooding to their minds, so that’s also a reason for the attraction.

3. Those parts are the softest and most fleshy parts of the female body:

It is very obvious that when exploring the female body the softest parts one encounters are the breasts and buttocks, so when a man gets close to a mature female the part of the body that strikes him as appealing the most are the boobs and the bums.

4. Effect of the media:

Another strong determining factor of men’s apparent attraction to boobs and bums is the way these parts of the woman’s body are portrayed by the media, movies, pictures and the internet always emphasize boobs and bums, so that’s also another reason for the affinity of the male gender to these body parts.

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