NAIJAPEEPS is product of DE-ISAAC’S DIGITAL CONCEPT with Registration Number: 4076779, fully
registered and backed by law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, under the 1990 Company Allied Matters,.

We offer Viral Social Media Marketing Services to Brands, Corporates, and Individuals. Thus, we have members (affiliates) who are registered with us to help promote our services and earn from it.

Naijapeeps is not a Ponzi scheme, neither is it a get rich quick scheme and we do not operate as one. Even though we can assure you of making money from our platform, yet we are not in any way promising you immediate riches. Every good things requires work and great things start small. We pay out duly earned affiliates commissions as at when due likewise the payment for other tasks completed on our platform.

Registration on our platform is free for now for all interested people who are willing to join our platform, however, registration will no more be free starting from January 31, 2022 unless we extend the bonanza.

Please kindly note that we do not in any way support any forms of irregularities such as fraud activities, abusive speeches, or spamming on this platform. Any member caught doing that will be immediately banned and lost all his/her earnings on this platform, there wont be any refund for such members.

Payment is done automatically on Fridays of every week, however there is provision for manual payment request also. All due payouts are processed within 48 hours after payment request submission and a member cannot apply for withdrawals more than once in 24 hours. In addition, members are strictly advised to make sure they reach the withdrawal threshold before requesting for payment as any payment request made when the threshold has not been reached will be rejected and user banned. As of now, our payment threshold is placed at 2,000 NPNotes which is equivalent to $2.

At Naijapeeps, we value our precious time and that of our members, so we wont tolerate any behavior that can waste out time and disturb us from attending to other members.

Please note we reserves the right to close any member’s account, without notice
to the affected member, once any issue termed inappropriate by Naijapeeps Team.